Will we ever party again, like it’s 1999?

It’s been a big few weeks! We’ve slowly been extending our opening hours, the restrictions have been easing and we are starting to see what life is going to look like out of the lockdown.

It has also been so great to see faces back in the shop again and to enjoy being able to help people celebrate milestones, birthdays, baby showers and getting together (in small groups) with friends.

But echoing the words of an absolute music icon, will we ever really party again - like it’s 1999?

Yes and maybe no. 

People need to celebrate, in fact by celebrating the good stuff we boost our positivity, which can help us build resilience to be able to manage all the challenges life throws at it (which let’s face it, 2020 has thrown us a zillion!) So while we are all excited to finally be able to leave the house, we do still need to be safe, we still need to be careful and we still need to adhere to all the social distancing rules. 

So now that celebrating is back on the cards, maybe we need a new song about partying like it’s 2020…? 

Stay safe, and hope to see you in-store or online soon.

Our extended opening hours are now:
Monday to Friday 11am to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm