Helium Balloon Inflation Price List

Balloon Inflation Pricing

Sydney Costume Shop has several balloon inflation options available to suit your needs. We offer both latex and foil balloons with regular helium and hi-float options.
Standard latex balloons last approximately 7-10 hours.
Foil balloons last approximately 1 week (depending on the environment).

Please note that inflation pricing is in addition to the individual balloon cost.

$0.80 for Air Inflation (per balloon) $1.00 for each Balloon Bag $0.80 for Hi-Float (per balloon)

Latex Balloons Helium Inflation

$1.80 for 19-30cm balloon each.

$2.99 for 31-40cm balloon each.

$6.99 for 41-50cm balloon each.

$25.00 for 60cm balloon each.

$35.00 for 90cm balloon each.

Foil Balloons Helium Inflation

$3.99 for 18” balloon each.

$5.99 for 19”-30” balloon each.

$7.99 for 31”-40” balloon each.

$9.99 for 41”-50” balloon each.

$11.99 for 51”-60” balloon each.

$7.99 for Large Bubble balloon each.

Arrangements addition $0.50 per balloon.

BYO Balloons
We are happy to inflate balloons not purchased from Sydney Costume Shop, but we can't guarantee their quality. We charge a labour and handling fee of $0.50 per balloon, plus the inflation costs as listed above. 

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