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    Step back in time with our stunning collection of 1970s-inspired costumes and accessories. If you want to relive the disco fever, embrace the iconic styles of The Beatles, or channel the glamour of Abba - we've got something for you.

    We have shimmering disco ensembles will light up the dance floor or the grooviest flares to capture that authentic '70s vibe. Pay homage to the era's fashion trends, ensuring you stand out at any retro-themed event. From psychedelic prints to groovy flares our 1970s collection captures the essence of this iconic decade. 

    Transport yourself to the era of peace, love, and unforgettable music and find your perfect 1970s look right here at Sydney Costume Shop.

    113 products
    Sequin Headband - Red
    Britpop 70's Wig
    Beatles Jacket
    1970's Safari Suit
    Disco Ball Earrings
    Pink Fishnet Poncho
    Pop Prince Costume
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