The new kind of party!

While I can’t predict what the next 6 months will look like (it seems no one can), what I can comment on - which is what I know best - is the changing face of how people celebrate. 

The implementation of the new social distancing measures really does signal the pause of big celebrations like Milestone Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, and even the kids Easter Hat Parade! But does it really mean we are letting these events slide by without any celebration at all? No, I am excited to say it doesn’t. 

People are creative, people are inventive and people love to celebrate - so what we are seeing now are new ways to celebrate, social distance style! 

In the last 2 weeks, I personally have discovered the joys of Zoom, HouseParty and Facebook Messenger Video Calls. And I am sure there are a thousand more versions of video calls and hangouts being used everywhere, with families and friends setting up the laptops and web cameras, or propping up the smart phone video to all join in together to celebrate. 

So while you might not be suiting up in full character costume, there are still balloons and party hats, headbands, wigs and masks that can get you in the festive spirit. And if all else falls and technology leaves you feeling overwhelmed, just imagine the hell of a party the world will be having when we beat this!

Stay safe and look forward to seeing you on the other side!

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