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Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween Decoration Ideas

When it comes to decorating your house for Halloween, you are either in or out, right? So if you are in for it, then why not go all out? In some Australian neighbourhoods, the American tradition of trick or treating is alive and well, and the best way to celebrate is to make sure your house looks spooky enough so the treaters know they can come visiting. At Sydney Costume Shop we have one of the biggest ranges of Halloween Decorations and Halloween Accessories to dress your house up to scare the bejesus out of anyone who dares to enter. We’ve listed some of our favourites below to get your started:

Spiderwebs, Cobwebs and Gigantic Hairy Spiders

Drape your house and yard in lots of scary spider webs, and make sure to include some big scary spiders too - what’s a web without a spider. Maybe some bats have been trapped by the webs?

Witches Brooms, Hats, Cauldrons

Does a witch live at your place? Did she leave some old witches broom sticks out the front, ready to scare off any little treaters who come knocking, or is she witching up a special spell in her cauldron (bonus points to you if you dress as a witch to hand out your treats - we’ve got Witch Costumes covered too!)

Severed Fingers, Feet and Some Deadly Weapons

A couple of severed feet and hands lying around might spook or stop treaters from knocking. Or answer the door with a bloody axe ready to chase any tricky treaters. 

If you need any help dressing up your house for Halloween, view all our  Halloween Decorations and Halloween Accessories online or come and see our huge range in store and we'd love to help you pull something together.

Hope to see you in-store soon!

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  • Elita Pollard