DIY Womens Superhero Party Costumes

Everybody loves a good themed party, so why not make it all about some kick arse female superheroes? Dressing up like your favourite superhero does not have to be expensive, and that is why we have made DIY samples of the classics to make your life that much easier. We have superhero ideas ranging from batgirl, robin, cat woman, super girl, spider girl to wonder woman. 


Every superhero needs a sidekick, so why not dress up like the infamous Robin from Batman? With the corset, green tutu, and matching green cape, creeping up like a superhero has never been so easy! If you wanted to add something more you could add an eye mask, or even some fishnet stockings. With these ideas there is simply no need to buy a full superhero costume. 


You can easily transform into every girl inspirational superhero without buying a fully decked out costume. Dressing up like the superhero Cat-woman can be as easy as grabbing one of our corsets, with a black tutu, and throwing on some cat ears on top of your head. If you wanted to create a further look, you could add an eye mask or even some black thigh highs for the ultimate DIY superhero outfit.

Spider girl 

You can still swing from building to building without having the head to toe costume of the superhero Spiderman, create your own DIY spider girl look can be just as exciting.  By adding the Spider girl corset, a red tutu and a matching red cape, you can look just as amazing as any other superhero. If you wanted to go even further, you could add a face mask, or even some fishnet stockings to create that webbed effect. 

Wonder woman 

Look like the Wonder woman you really are without having empty your pockets. Create your own DIY superhero look by grabbing a wonder woman inspired corset, a blue tutu and a cape to give it the true effect. IF you wanted to go a step further, you could add come blue thigh high socks and some classic converse and why not an eye mask to throw it all together? 

Bring out the true superhero you are, and do it in your own sassy style! You could easily do this by wearing the superwoman corset, a blue tutu, and the matching superwoman cape. If you wanted to, you could go a step further and add some thigh high stockings, a headband and an eye mask for a full effect



Nanananananananana Batgirl! Transform into your own superhero with creating your own DIY costume. By adding the batgirl corset, the black tutu, cape, gauntlets, and the batgirl thigh high socks, you'll be looking more than just the part.